• Sami Hayek

  • Sami Hayek’s work is not the end result, but rather ingredients for the main goal, which is to design experiences. Over the past two decades he has been designing products and building spaces with the intent to use them as tools to create a more joyful and wholesome way of living.

    Every project is bespoke and unfolds its own expression rather than making it fit to existing styles. With this approach, he has done work for individuals, corporations and governments, engaging projects of all scales including a 270,000 sf development from ground up, furniture and dinnerware.

    Since 2004 he has been a member of the Design Review Committee for Hollywood CA, contributing in raising the quality of commercial, residential and mixed-use projects.

    Besides being an awarded and widely published designer, he frequently lectures in different countries and is invited as a critic of the top universities.

    In 2013 he was invited by the First Lady, to be a part of the National Design Awards at the White House and has recently been selected to serve as an international ambassador for the Tamayo Museum in Mexico City.