Sami Hayek seeks the intimacy of materials and their frequencies in conversation with one another. Every material emits a frequency. Intimacy comes when two materials interact with each other. This is similar to the interaction between humans. No matter what you believe, it is physics.

    Hayek believes there is an electromagnetic field around everyone, and as we get close, we make an exchange at a frequency level; disregard the conversations or whether we agree or disagree with each other, by interacting and being present, we are automatically affecting each other. Whether we are registering this mentally or not, it’s happening. Materials also have these interactions and dialogue.
    Hayek is very interested in finding the materials to combine to portray an intention or a story or to project a behavior that he wishes to have an effect on others. He became a designer because he wanted to manipulate spaces and objects to invoke a specific feeling in people.

    The frequencies in the exhibition are physical representations of a specific frequency called 528, which is a high vibration that harmonizes spaces and promotes wellness. This frequency has been used for thousands of years; for example, the bees hum it with their wings. Nature plays a crucial role in providing this specific frequency.

    These frequencies have a specific way of expressing themselves in 2D. There are many profound studies on how a plate full of sand reacts to the vibrations of frequencies by producing a visual pattern of sound similar to the mandalas.

    The same happens with water. This is seen in the study by Dr. Emoto; he projected intentions onto the water and then photographed the particles of water, which revealed different shapes according to his spoken intentions. Physics supports the effects frequencies have on whoever and whatever is exposed to them. In a more harmonious way, we see this with love.
    The tables exhibited at Christie’s Los Angeles, stem from sacred geometries. These geometries are physical representations of the involvement of high frequencies shown in two-dimensional forms. The frequencies that are on the walls of the gallery are shapes taken directly from the patterns created by Solfeggio frequencies, hence the name of the exhibition.

    Hayek’s exhibition is about how objects can hold the intention and then emanate that intention back into the viewer.